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The Outer Sunset Merchant & Professional Association

One of three merchants associations receiving $50K checks in May 2021.

Funds will be used for programs to benefit the Outer Sunset merchant corridor.

Stay tuned for updates as we roll out the Community Fund to all our 34 Member Associations.


I have been a member of the SFCDMA for over 40 yrs. It's been an incredible transformation from the '80s until now. What the SFCDMA has accomplished in the last 10 yrs for our merchants is commendable. Under the tutelage of our current President, Maryo Mogannam, I see many more good things happening, especially with the infusion of the 1.7 million Avenue Greenlight grant. As you know, we have been in survival mode the whole year, and this will bring hope and rejuvenate our merchants. I love my Merchants, and we are a Family! My goal is to make sure they are all successful!

Bill Barnickel, President

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